Andrew Martin

Recruitment Specialist

Hello there

I am Andrew Martin

Career Background?

I joined Granite Recruitment part time whilst completing my Business course starting out in administration which has given me a great foundation. When I finished college I was offered a full time position in a recruitment role and have been building on my foundation since.

Best Part about your role?

I have a wide network of clients and personnel that I communicate with regularly. It has taken a number of years to establish myself as a respected recruiter and I take a lot of pride in the relationships I have developed.

What is it like working at Granite Recruitment?

There is a fantastic atmosphere and we always have a good laugh. We work hard and all aim to achieve the most from each day!

Why is Granite Recruitment different to another agency?

We genuinely believe we are the best in our field, and always go the extra mile to keep it that way. The energetic culture that Granite Recruitment has is what sets us apart, and we enjoy working as one team to meet the requirements of clients.

What do you do in your spare time?

I am a big fan of American football. My team is the New York Giants and will always watch Saquon try to run for 100 yards each game!

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