Emma Christie

QHSE & Compliance Advisor

Hello there

I am Emma Christie

Career Background?

I started out in graphic design, then moved into retail management as a student.After providing particularly good service to a customer one day, I was asked to join the recruitment team within a nursing agency, handling agency bank and permanent recruitment for care, domestic and nursing staff for both NHS and private clients. I moved from there to Kelly Services’ Aberdeen Branch as Permanent Recruitment Specialist for the whole of the north of Scotland for 2 years, before joining a company called Natural Resources in more of an office management/operations admin role. During my time at Natural Resources, one of my colleagues joined a company called Maris Subsea, and recommended me to the then Managing Director as a potential team member. At Maris I held the role of Admin Coordinator, handling everything from accounts and payroll administration, through to verifying Candidate qualifications and documentation until in October 2010 I was asked if I would like to develop into a QHSE role. 10 years later, I’m 2/3rds down the route of becoming DipNCRQ qualified (I’m currently CertNCRQ x 2 with a CertRP for good measure) and now support 5 different brands, each with their own unique service lines and accreditation requirements.

Best Part about your role?

Each day is completely different. I can move from supporting a team with a Tender in the morning, through to ensuring the location Risk Assessment is up to date before lunch, then on to audit preparation for another team in the afternoon. I’m the focal point for each element of QHSE, as well as compliance with Data Protection and Recruitment law, and need to stay ahead of the game to make sure each team has a Management System and access to good quality advice that supports their needs, as well as a healthy and safe environment in which to work. When that goes right, it’s one of the most rewarding things you can be part of. When it goes wrong, we call that a ‘challenge’. Or ‘Human Factors’.

What is it like working at Granite Recruitment?

Great. We’re still new to each other, so I’m still learning about the little company nuances that will help me create a bespoke system for GR. They’re also still learning about what I do – it can be a LOT to take in, but everyone has been receptive and enthusiastic so we have the beginning of a great culture to work with.

Why is Granite Recruitment different to another agency?

I think probably the close, supportive relationship between Team Members. Some agencies are cut-throat, hyper-competitive environments and all this does is create a toxic culture where the individual comes first, rather than the organisation (and more importantly the CLIENT). GR doesn’t have that, the Team always work together to achieve the best possible outcome – which is great for me as QHSE Advisor as I can then build on that foundation to improve things further.

What do you do in your spare time?

I’m Mum to a 7 (going on 17) year old with a borderline Lego obsession and an infinitely better social life than me. But, when I get the chance for time to myself, I read and go to live music events with my husband ( I like rock, he’s a DJ, so it’s an interesting mix).I used to sing with bands (including one of the support bands for Bryan Ferry when he played a local gig here) but am now more often seen on the Karaoke and dining out on my old Rock Chick stories.I’m also a sucker for a craft or DIY project but sometimes my patience doesn’t last as long as the actual task.Finally, as I said, I am actually a Student at the moment, and hoping to complete my Diploma in Applied Health and Safety during 2020.So, what’s free time again?!

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